Tin-Silver Bump Metallization for Wafer Level Packaging

MICROFAB TS-650 is a high speed, lead-free fine-pitch tin-silver metallization for bump, pillar and capping applications developed by the industry leader in copper pillar plating technologies. Formulated to provide excellent surface morphology before and after reflow, the TS-650 is the solderability solution for a wide range of advanced wafer level packaging designs.

MICROFAB TS-650 Key Features:

  • Highly smooth and uniform, lead free deposit
  • Excellent morphology pre and post reflow
  • Suitable for bump, pillar and capping
  • High speed plating up to 15 ASD and over 100 AH/L bath life
  • Low foam process


Tin Electroplating Process for Semiconductor Applications

MICROFAB SN 300 is a high speed, MSA based process that produces fine-grained, matte to semi-bright pure tin deposits. The process produces wafer bumps with excellent thickness distribution across the wafer, as well as a uniform alloy distribution. 

The many benefits of the MICROFAB SN 300 process include:

  • Compliance with RoHS & WEEE environmental directives
  • Excellent replacement for eutectic 63:37 Tin:Lead
  • Suitability for high-speed mass production
  • Stability during alloy phases and near zero voiding
  • A low alpha emission process