Copper Through-Silicon Via Process

MICROFAB DVF 200 acid copper plating process fills Through-Silicon Vias (TSVs) without voids and other defects at high plating speeds. The process is specially formulated for vias with diameters that range from 5 to 20 μm, and with aspect ratios less than 10. 

CMOS Image Sensors (e.g. digital cameras), Interposers, DRAM and Flash Memory are some of the key applications that benefit from the use of MICROFAB DVF 200 technology. 

The robust MICROFAB DVF 200 processes feature on-line additive monitoring and control and provides superior performance by: 

  • Meeting the decreased size/miniaturization, high performance, and reduced cost requirements for advanced and emerging 3D technologies. 3D packaging using wire bonding cannot meet these challenges. 
  • Providing better electrical and thermal conductivity, even over tungsten- and polysilicon-based processes. Furthermore, copper electroplating is well known and widely accepted by the semiconductor industry.
  • Delivering robust defect-free, fill performance and low Cost of Ownership in the via dimension defined for this process. 
  • Earning Process of Record (POR) recognition by the industry’s leading semiconductor manufacturers and leading tool suppliers.