Surface Preparation Solutions

Our Surface Preparation Solutions for both innerlayer and outerlayer cleaning address the challenges confronted by PCB fabricators, including the complex processing of increased layer counts, as well as the demands posed by harsh mechanical cleaning methods.

Innerlayer Processes

CircuEtch200_FinalEtch.pngCircuEtch 200 is a final etch process for SAP and mSAP that defines traces with excellent consistency.

As layer counts increase, innerlayers become thinner and more flexible. Scrubbing techniques such as brushing or pumice blasting can stretch the layer. Aggressive mechanical systems create scratches in the surface that lead to dry film lifting and open circuits after etching. As a result, chemical cleaning using a cleaner followed by a microetch has gained wide acceptance. Our innerlayer surface preparation solutions provide optimum surface topography for bonding while minimizing the potential for damage to the thin innerlayer core materials.

CircuEtch 200

The CircuEtch 200 anisotropic final etch is the latest addition to the MacDermid Alpha process family for the manufacturing of the advanced HDI utilized in these new applications. CircuEtch 200 is a high-performance flash etching process for circuit formation in Semi-Additive and modified-Semi Additive Processing of IC substrates and Substrate-Like HDI.

The chemistry is to designed to remove copper evenly across the panel surface while limiting feature side wall attack. The high-speed etching of CircuEtch 200 can remove up to 5 microns of electrodeposited copper foil or electroless copper seed layer per minute while reducing the surface roughness of the pattern plated electrolytic copper traces for improved surface properties.  

Outerlayer Processes

The correct MacDermid Enthone cleaner and microetch combination improves pattern plate yields by the elimination of resist lifting, resist residues and other plating anomalies that are often associated with inadequate cleaning and etching before plating. Depending on the thickness of copper present in the through-hole, the combination of cleaning efficiency and microetch depth can be adjusted to maximize surface preparation without sacrificing direct metallization, electroless or flash plate integrity. Excellent topography provides good bonding behavior under low etch, which enhances the signal integrity and fine line capability.


Superior Bonding to Soldermask, Dry Film and Photoresist.

MultiPrep 118_62 u.jpg

MultiPrep 200 is a revolutionary pretreatment process for the adhesion of solder mask, dry film and liquid photoresists to copper surfaces. Leveraging decades of etching experience, MultiPrep 200 is engineered to meet today's challenging adhesion requirements. It completely eliminates pumice and brush scrubbing for improved process efficiencies and product uniformity during the fabrication process.

MultiPrep 200 delivers an optimized, micro-roughened,  copper surface topography to provide uniformity of etched pulse-plated panels. It is a universal process that is ideal for solder mask pretreatment prior to Affinity ENIG and ORMECON CSN Immersion Tin final finishes. The micro-roughened topography enables solder mask to "stick and grip" to the copper surface with exceptional reliability and durability.

Use MultiPrep 200 in any PCB operation requiring unparalleled copper adhesion to organic films.

Resist Strippers / Defoamers

Resist strippers and defoamers provide cost-effective solutions for both outlayer and innerlayer imaging. Alkaline, liquid resist strippers are specifically designed to strip both dry film and most aqueous ink resists in spray or immersion processes.