Graphite Based Advanced Direct Metallization 

Shadow is an advanced direct metallization for HDI and flex type constructions which allows for plating of complex through holes in a simple and easy to control process. This environmentally conscious patented graphite based slightly alkaline aqueous dispersion of conductive colloids and proprietary additives is used to make through-holes and blind vias conductive for subsequent copper electroplating. 26 years of patented technology, 280 active lines, over 1 billion boards produced: Shadow delivers what matters.

Meet The Experts: 117 Years Of Combined Shadow Expertise

Bill Bowerman

Director, Primary Metallization

41 years in the electronics industry with 26 of those years working directly with Shadow including manufacturing, equipment, technical service, and customer support.

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Wei Yan

Senior Process Specialist

25 years in the electronics industry with 18 years working directly with Shadow.

Wei has hands-on experience with panel buildup as well as all wet process steps involved in PCB manufacturing. This wide experience in actual PCB manufacturing makes her a Direct Metallization expert.

Reach her at:

Roger Bernards

Research and Development Manager

33 years in the electronics industry.  23 of those years working directly with Shadow.

Roger is responsible for several patents and is the formulator of many successful circuit board chemistries including those utilized within the Shadow process.

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Graham Lee

Process Specialist

21 Years in the electronics industry.  18 of those years working directly with Shadow.

Graham has more than 20 years of experience as a primary metallization process specialist including electroless copper and direct metallization

Reach him at

Jim Martin

Senior Product Specialist

36 years in the electronics industry with 32 years working directly with Shadow. 

Jim has spent 24 years working on Shadow research and development, equipment design, production & manufacturing modifications, and technical service.

Jim has concentrated experience in direct metallization, and has worked with two different carbon processes.

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Shadow Key Features

  • Extensive expertise and comprehensive service available worldwide
  • Lowest particle size for fine feature performance
  • Consistent particle size throughout bath life
  • No need for expensive palladium activators
  • Unsurpassed reliability verified with IST, HATS and Thermal Cycling
  • Reduced power and water usage
  • Allows for copper via fill plating with no flash plate, improving production flow and cost models
  • High copper-to-copper direct bonding strength
  • No hydrogen bubble issue in the holes
  • No chelating agents, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals
  • Simple, easy to control, four step process
  • Compatible with a multitude of materials such as PI, LCP, Rigid Flex and PTFE

PCB, Rigid Flex, Any Layer HDI. Shadow Does It All.

The numbers don’t lie. Shadow is the number one direct metallization solution for advanced through hole and via plating sold today. Whether you’re plating single or stacked vias, low or high aspect ratio through holes, Shadow does it cleaner, faster, and more reliably than any other metallization process.

Shadow is capable of plating materials that electroless copper and other direct metallizations cannot. Complex designs such as any layer HDI, complex blind vias and high aspect ratio through holes are no match for Shadow technology. Advanced substrates such as high frequency PCB materials, PTFE and flex boards are fully compatible with the Shadow process.