ENTEK PLUS HT organic solderability preservative (OSP) is the industry’s most widely used and trusted OSP on the market today. Production-proven to provide a superlative lead-free final finish and maintain exceptional solderability through multiple lead-free processing, delivering the highest reliability BGA solder joint strengths.

The ENTEK PLUS HT process meets the challenges of lead-free assembly, while maintaining eutectic and process capability. The process is specially designed for mixed metal applications, such as electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG). The OSP selectively deposits on copper while leaving gold connectors or metallic heat sinks free of contamination.

ENTEK OSP Final Finish Verification Program

The ENTEK OSP Verification Program was created to provide direct Enthone customers, as well as EMS or OEM companies immediate assurance that they are receiving the real ENTEK coating that they desire and specify. The program also offers assistance on the selection and process optimization of all MacDermid Enthone final finishes that are specified for use by their PCB fabricators. Customers may confirm that they are receiving PWBs coated with a certified ENTEK OSP system by visiting the ENTEK Verification Program.