Organic Metal-Based Immersion Tin Processes

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ORMECON CSN Classic is a series of extremely stable immersion tin processes. Based on a patented Organic Metal pre-dip, the tin processes are production-proven to reduce copper-tin diffusion speed by as much as 65% and catalyze the tin deposition. As a result, exceptional solderability and appearance, even after multiple lead-free assembly reflows, is achieved.

Specifically, each ORMECON CSN Classic process makes use of an organic nanometal® that is contained in the ORMECON OMP 7000 series pre-dip. The pre-dip catalyzes the tin deposition before the ORMECON CSN 7004 series immersion tin coating is applied. The resulting large tin grain structure significantly slows copper-tin intermetallic diffusion, thereby providing the industry’s longest shelf life. The organic metal pre-dip makes the PWB highly resistant to oxidation, copper diffusion and whisker formation by initiating a unique crystal structure.

Ideally suited for press fit technology, backplanes and fine pitch applications, ORMECON CSN Classic processes may be used with either MSA or sulfuric acid-based systems providing the most flexible plating systems on the market.