Experts Agree. Silver is Better and Sterling is the Best.

Silver in via.png

Sterling is the number one immersion silver surface finish, specified by hundreds of fabricators, assemblers and OEM’s worldwide to provide consistent solderability, low contact resistance, process simplicity, and long shelf life.

Sterling is an immersion silver finish that provides exceptional solder joint strength, touchpad functionality, wire bondability, and in-circuit test compatibility. It offers benefits throughout the supply chain: fabricators receive a versatile and flexible solution that can be applied with either horizontal or vertical equipment; assemblers get a durable finish that performs through multiple heat excursions, and high yields due to complete flux and paste compatibility; and OEM’s receive uncontested reliability and service life due to the resulting Cu/Sn solder joint. As immersion silver has become the market leading Pb-free alternative to tin/lead finishes, Sterling is what to choose when only the best will do.

Sterling is the industry’s number 1 immersion silver. From automotive to computers, military to communications, it is the choice of OEM’s worldwide. Sterling provides highest assembly yields, excellent contact functionality, and predictable solderability with multiple reflows. It is also wire-bondable, resulting in ultimate assembly flexibility, while its blind microvia plating offers the required technology and reliability levels for complex application.

Sterling consistently delivers strong and durable solder joints. During soldering, the thin silver finish dissolves entirely into the bulk solder, resulting in a reliable and resilient copper/tin solder joint.

Sterling delivers reliable and consistent silver plating in blind microvias, meeting today's complex technological demands, and enabling maximum utilization of circuit board real estate.