Through Hole Plating

We offer a variety of through hole metallization processes able to accomodate any challenge. Our Direct Current offerings include the HiSpec 2, HT 200, HT 300, HT 360,  ST-2000 processes. Our Pulse plating type offerings include the MacuSpec PPR 100, PPR 200, and the PC 600 series baths. Whether it is lower thickness and high production volume or advanced high aspect ratio boards, we have a through hole plating process capable of producing Copper metallization of extremely high quality and reliability.

Direct Current


MacuSpec HT 200

MacuSpec HT 200 has been specifically formulated for providing higher microdistribution at higher current densities, which makes it an excellent product choice for continuous vertical platers. The MacuSpec HT 200 acid copper system deposits a bright, smooth, ductile copper deposit within a current density range of 5 to 30 ASF. The mechanical properties of the plated deposit exceed IPC specifications across the entire current density range and HT 200 is capable of plating through holes up to an aspect ratio of 10:1.

MacuSpec HT 300

MacuSpec HT 300 is the choice DC acid copper plating process that allows for pulse plating-like performance on thicker boards in standard DC copper plating equipment. This process is capable of plating copper with exceptional brightness, ductility and uniformity in through holes of up to 15:1 aspect ratio, allowing for fabricators to produce higher technology boards faster, without upgrading their rectification to pulse plating. The MacuSpec HT 300 is an excellent choice for through hole plating, conformal blind via plating, and pattern plating applications. 

The MacuSpec HT 300 deposit exceeds IPC Class 3A tensile strength and elongation requirements and pass all thermal reliability testing ensuring dependable device performance. MacuSpec HT 300 is analyzable by CVS and common analytical tools, providing for excellent operational control, bath life, and improved product quality.

MacuSpec HT 360

MacuSpec HT 360 is a state of the art direct current acid copper plating process that provides throwing powers of greater than 80% at current densities of up to 30 ASF in through holes with aspect ratios of up to 8:1. . The chemistry quickly plates a uniform thickness in the through hole, preventing extra thickness of wasted copper on the surface of the panel without the need for expensive pulse rectifiers.

The MacuSpec HT 360 deposits exceed IPC Class 3A tensile strength and elongation requirements and pass all thermal reliability testing ensuring dependable device performance. The MacuSpec HT 360 components are fully analyzable by CVS, providing ease of control and trouble-free operation throughout the solution life.

HiSpec 2

The HiSpec2 Acid Copper Process is a unique acid copper plating system designed primarily for high aspect ratio PWB production. The highly stable, low organic additive system combined with a high free acid to copper ratio electrolyte, provides for twice the macro throwing power of conventional acid copper processes.  In addition, HiSpec2 produces semi-bright, fine grained, ductile copper deposits over the extreme low to medium current density range 1 - 30 ASF with unparalleled uniformity of deposit properties. Great deposit quality and excellent distribution across the PWB surface and holes are achieved.


ST-2000 is a direct current acid copper system designed to meet the surface distribution, throwing power and thermal reliability requirements of today’s printed circuit boards (PCBs), including high aspect ratio through-hole and microvia designs. The ST-2000 system combines high current density capability with exceptional surface distribution and throwing power. 

Pulse Plating

For the highest performance, and special applications, We offer the MacuSpec PPR 100, MacuSpec PPR 200, and PC 600  baths for all types of pulse wave forms. Superior microdistribution, improved physical properties and decreased cycle time are the attributes to this industry leading product line.

Key Features

  • Optimized for pattern and panel plate capabilities
  • Minimizes copper deposition of the surface, eliminating need for planarization
  • Increases overall bath life 400%
  • Reliable thermal cycle performance
  • Wider operating window
  • RoHS compliant
  • Meets IPC specifications for copper deposit properties


MacuSpec PPR 200

MacuSpec PPR 200 is the electroplating process trusted worldwide by fabricators that demand precise thickness uniformity and overall productivity unattainable by conventional acid copper plating. Designed to work more effectively on today's multilayer PCB's, it can easily meet the most challenging plating specifications.

MacuSpec PPR 200 has excellent thickness uniformity, reliable thermal cycle performance, superior throw into vias (allowing for huge reductions in cycle time), and reduced consumption of copper anodes and solder mask.

PC 600

The PC 600 pulse plating process is a highly versatile metallization system which can be used under an extremely wide range of applications. Ideally suited to aspect ratios of 15:1 up to 25:1 or higher, PC 600 has very uniform thickness distribution, preventing over plate. Due to the high degree of uniformity, better line widths and spaces are achieved.