Through Hole Filling

Manufacturers of advanced printed circuit boards have struggled to overcome the challenge of core layer and other through hole filling for thermal and structural applications. The MacuSpec THF 100 single step copper through hole filling process is a high-performance plating technology that can completely fill through holes in a single plating step. Fabricators can achieve improved thermal conductivity over paste filling, skip resource intensive planarization steps, and achieve excellent reliability with the solid copper filling provided by the MacuSpec THF 100.

MacuSpec THF 100

Compared to existing filling processes, the MacuSpec THF 100 through hole filling process eliminates hole voiding, reduces cycle time, and provides solid copper through hole structures without the need for a planarization step. The process minimizes surface copper buildup and fills through holes in a wide range of board thicknesses and hole diameters in a fraction of the time with less wasted metal than DC processes. Compared to competitive technologies that require multiple copper plating steps, MacuSpec THF 100 can achieve complete filling in a single step reducing the number of solutions to maintain and eliminating unnecessary metal interfaces for enhanced reliability.

MacuSpec THF 100 Key Features

  • Unparalleled cavity free filling of through holes vs DC copper
  • Flat filling for subsequent stack build ups
  • Minimization of surface copper for HDI applications
  • Improved thermal conductivity for heat management applications
  • Capable of filling laser and mechanically drilled through vias
  • Drastically reduced plating times
  • Elimination of conductive plug and planarization processes
  • Provides enhanced design freedoms