Resist Strippers

The UltraStrip product line represents our most advanced, high-performance photoresist strippers. UltraStrip formulas have been optimized for over 50 different resists on the market today. The UltraStrip RS-215 Resist Stripping System is designed to strip fully-aqueous dry film photoresists from printed circuit boards. Its unique blend of components promotes a high strip rate, easily filterable particles, and complete removal of dry film residues and adhesion promoters, even under overplated circuits. RS-215 contains no caustic, so it will not attack copper, tin or tin-lead. It has a powerful anti-tarnish package to prevent copper oxidation. RS-215 does not contain glycol ethers or any other solvent.

Resist Developers

Developer 45 Plus and Developer 40 are highly concentrated aqueous photoresist developer solutions, making feed-and-bleed control of the developer solution simple and consistent.