Electroless, Electrolytic and Light Induced Plating Nickel, Copper, Silver and Tin

Plated metal conductors significantly out-perform sintered paste for conductivity, allowing finger width reductions to 25 microns or less. Select from electroless or electrolytic processing to achieve up to 1.5% increases (absolute) in cell efficiency compared to conventional cell manufacture, all at a reduced overall cost. The chemical deposition is compatible with laser and etch-resist techniques for exposing silicon through the anti-reflective coating.

Helios Nickel and Light Induced Nickel

laser trench monocrystalline 006a.jpg

The Helios family of nickel solutions offers the PV designer a set of options for solar cell conductor formation. Achieve your target thickness at the optimal conditions for your process.  Full build, high purity, low stress nickel for fast deposition of up to 20 microns thickness. Provides conductor formation without copper exposure.

Helios Electrolytic Copper

Full build, high purity, low stress copper for fast deposition of up to 50 microns thickness. For the ultimate finger and busbar conductivity. Easily finished with silver or tin. Available in light-induced formulation as well.

Helios Silver and light induced silver

Cyanide-free. The highest conductivity metal deposit for use as a full build conductor, or the final coating on copper or nickel deposits.