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As the use of RFID/Smart Card technology becomes more ubiquitous, We are leading the way in the development of new, cost-effective materials that provide performance consistency and flexibility. Our copper-plated antennas already deliver superior conductivity compared to any other current option

MicroCat, the only combined printing and plating process utilizing proven technology that can satisfy the demand for high volume advanced circuitry - at a uniquely low cost. An evolution of additive circuitry technology that eliminates critical barriers to the global penetration of RFID, MicroCat delivers the superior performance, supported by worldwide resources, that you expect from MacDermid Alpha.

MicroCat is designed specifically to enable efficiencies throughout the supply chain by requiring only a three step process from printing to plating. Manufacturing cost analysis shows significant material and labor savings due to non-noble metal circuitry and reduced steps. The electroless copper conductivity and plating uniformity of the MicroCat process also offers RFID makers greater "read distances" than printed conductive inks.

The Evolution Of Additive Circuitry Technology

MicroCat is the low cost, high productivity and performance solution engineered specifically to satisfy the needs of makers of inexpensive circuitry for consumer and industrial goods, and RFID. With MicroCat, the ability to develop advanced circuitry for any application can now be realized.

With a unique catalytic ink that can be printed using any global printing technology, MicroCat streamlines the traditional printing and plating process down to only three steps, while delivering superior electrical performance at every point. If reducing overall costs while improving productivity is important, contact us today for your free demonstration

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Key Features

  • The solution for high volume productivity and performance at the lowest total cost
  • Unique catalytic ink provides excellent material compatibility in the largest scale production environment
  • Simple, 3-step process
  • Additive copper deposition for the world's best conductivity and uniformity
  • Suited for all printing technologies
  • Proven production experience, guaranteed global support