Lead Frame Packaging Solutions

With automotive electronics expanding at a rapid rate, many existing electronics technologies are being adopted for use with much higher reliability standards.

We have a newly integrated leadframe packaging portfolio incorporating connected solutions which span the entire process of building QFN packages from leadframe roughening, solderability, and nearly everything in between.

Solderable Finish for QFN Sidewalls

PackagePrep CE Tin S

QFN Packages:  Small, Thin, and Now Inspection Friendly

QFN’s have become the preferred high density leadframe-based surface mount package. But the advantage of this versatile package comes at a price. Exposed copper at the singulated edge of the package solders poorly, preventing conventional solder fillets from forming. The lack of a visible solder fillet inhibits recognition by automated optical inspection (AOI). Furthermore, the smaller solder footprint creates reliability risk, limiting the end-use applications that designers will consider. 

PackagePrep CE Tin S solves these problems. PackagePrep deposits an easily soldered metal finish on the exposed copper edges. After paste reflow, solder wicks up the side of the QFN flanks. The new QFN fillets are easily inspected by existing top-down AOI as well as visual inspection, supplementing x-ray inspection.

Planning to use QFN’s in your high reliability application, but concerned about reliability and inspectability? Let PackagePrep CE Tin S be your solution.

Components that operate in harsh environments, such as automotive and aerospace assemblies, must meet more stringent demands than other components. They must endure high temperatures, mechanical stress and corrosive conditions.  While meeting reliability standards, components for automotive applications also require high density performance.  The leadframe based QFN surface mount component has been a preferred product to meet both the reliability and higher density requirements and continues to show significant market growth.  A past limitation has been the inspection difficulty of the assembled QFN. Before PackagePrep CE Tin S, terminal solder joints on QFN’s were hidden under the package and could only be inspected by x-ray. Exposed copper alloy on the outer QFN edges was often missing a visible solder fillet on the flank.  The AOI inspection of the soldered, tin plated copper flanks allowed by PackagePrep enables a low cost high reliability solution to the stringent requirements placed upon QFN packages in automotive applications.

Adhesion Promotion for Lead Frames


Proven Reliability At MSL-1 Without Delamination

PackageBond is the no risk adhesion promotion system specifically engineered for reliability at today’s intense lead-free circuit assembly temperatures. Production proven in high-volume at premier semiconductor manufacturing facilities, our advanced laboratory innovations deliver extreme heat tolerance.

PackageBond features patented chemistries that prevent delamination failure of molded packages due to moisture/reflow sensitivity. The process roughens copper alloy leadframes to maximize resin and encapsulant adhesion, plus deposits a thin adhesion booster for long-term delamination protection. PackageBond does not degrade Ag or Ni/Pd/Au plated leadframes, leaving these surfaces clean for predictably strong wire bonds. Production results confirm consistent compatibility with die attach adhesives and no adverse effects on resin bleed.

For exceptional reliability at all moisture sensitivity levels without delamination and the risk of damage to leadframe platings, choose PackageBond.

PackageBond is the advanced leadframe adhesion technology that is designed to overcome delamination problems to achieve MSL-1 reliability. The result of rigorous testing with consistent in-market success, PackageBond is the optimum choice for high density, complex packages and can be run in strip-to-strip or reel-to-reel mode. 

We are a world leader in advanced surface finishes and we are dedicated to satisfying the evolving needs of the semiconductor industry and continuing its tradition of providing benchmark customer and technical support.