High Speed, Palladium-Nickel Process

PALLADEX PdNiM2 HS is a palladium-nickel process specially formulated for high speed, reel-to-reel connector applications. The process produces a bright, ductile deposit that provides exceptional contact stability. The palladium nickel alloy exhibits a lower porosity and better wear resistance than hard gold or pure palladium.

PALLADEX PdNiM2 HS Creates Value


  • Low, stable bath pH reduces palladium consumption and increases yields
  • Requires less ammonia to operate and replenish; reduces operator exposure to fumes and odor
  • Significantly reduces corrosivity on equipment, reducing equipment maintenance
  • Superior alloy composition and bath additive control over a wide temperature and current densities (10 - 800 ASF)
  • Excellent contact and wear resistance
  • Enhanced process control; additives and breakdown products controlled by analysis and carbon treatment
  • All liquid components eliminates handling of salts and allows for ease of replenishment
  • Low operating bath temperature reduces water usage and extends bath life
  • Highly ductile, crack-free deposits improve yields; no rejects on bending test