Indium Plating

In recent years there has been a push to move away from tin as a surface finish for electronics due to its tendency to form whiskers that can lead to failure of the electronic device. This problem is being addressed by the industry by the use of M-Contact IN-2000, the acid indium electroplating process from MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions.

M-Contact IN-2000

 M-Contact IN-2000 is the choice for high performance indium plating in today’s most technologically demanding connector applications. With a wide current density range, greater than 90% plating efficiency across the entire bath life, and resistance to many kinds of metallic bath contaminants, it is an excellent coating for any metal sub-layer. The superior physical properties of Indium mean that it has a greatly reduced chance of whiskering when compared to pure tin, and the low stress / matte white deposit provides a cosmetically uniform and appealing finish appearance.

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