Superior Corrosion and Wear Resistance

Our full plate and select plate gold processes are specially formulated to provide superior corrosion and wear resistance when compared to traditional cobalt-hardened gold solutions. The processes reduce gold consumption, increase throughput, and deliver consistent and uniform deposition rates, as well as excellent solderability.



Full-Plate, Cobalt-Hardened Gold Process

AUTRONEX is a high efficiency, cobalt-hardened acid gold process capable of depositing gold at exceptionally high rates with excellent distribution. It is suitable for all types of plating where increased deposition rates are required. AUTRONEX produces coatings with outstanding wear resistance, hardness and solderability, and is valued for its bright yellow deposit, low porosity and a purity rate of 99.7% gold.

AUTRONEX is superior to conventional cobalt-hardened processes in that it offers high efficiency and speed at high current densities (HCD), as well as minimal overplate at low current densities (LCD). Furthermore, it is highly tolerant of fingerprint reddish deposits.

AUTRONEX offers lower cost of ownership, as it provides up to of 20% higher throughput that results in less rejects versus competitive processes. The long-life process requires less make-up costs; its low drag-out losses result in gold savings.

AUTRONEX Creates Value

  • Optimum for thin and thick gold layers
  • Suited for all reel-to-reel applications – spot, brush, control depth plating techniques
  • Attractive lemon yellow color
  • Easy operation and wide process window


Select Plate, Cobalt-Hardened Gold Process

AUTRONEX is a high-throughput, cobalt-hardened, acid gold process that delivers consistent and uniform deposits on a wide range of current densities. Specifically formulated for spot and brush plating, the mirror-bright deposits provide excellent corrosion resistance, bondability and solderability.

AUTRONEX Creates Value

Reduces Gold Consumption Up To 35%

  • Highly selective and precise process provides industry’s most consistent and uniform deposit thickness
  • Gold/cobalt film deposition at low current densities is suppressed

Prevents Gold Bleeding

  • High selectivity enables precise deposition on both high and low current density areas, providing uniform thickness and coverage.
  • Traditional cobalt-hardened gold processes are prone to gold bleeding to unintended areas, increasing gold consumption, process time and chemical costs
  • Prevents solder wicking resulting in increased assembly yields, while reducing gold use significantly

Reduces Water, Energy, Chemical Consumption and Labor Cost

  • Eliminates gold stripping step; no back strip required for spot plating
  • Rinse steps eliminated; water usage and costs reduced
  • Selective gold plating costs reduced

Increases Throughput and Decreases Cycle Time

  • Equipment output increased when compared with traditional cobalt- hardened gold process
  • Expanded equipment capacity enables increased revenue potential
  • Substantially reduced equipment nozzle maintenance and downtime
  • Shorter equipment line results in reduced cycle time and increased throughput
  • High deposition rate increases productivity




Nickel-Hardened Gold Process

AUTRONEX is a nickel-hardened gold process that is production-proven to significantly reduce gold consumption, while preventing gold bleed out in low current density areas. The high efficiency process produces uniform, mirror-bright yellow deposits that exhibit low porosity and a high purity rate, with outstanding wear and corrosion resistance.

Ideally suited for all reel-to-reel applications, including spot, stripe, jet and brush, as well as controlled depth immersion and automatic tab plating applications, the AUTRONEX process meets the requirements of MIL-DTL-45204 D.

AUTRONEX may be easily adjusted with AUTRONEX Ni BARRIER CONTROLLER to enhance area selectivity and control of the level of nickel barrier performance. AUTRONEX is designed for use with LECTRO-NIC electrolytic nickel processes and ENPREP pre-treatment.

AUTRONEX Creates Value


High Performance

  • High plating speeds increase productivity
  • Meets relevant specifications for use at all major OEMs
  • Wide operating window for ease of production
  • Enhanced selectivity for significant gold savings
  • High corrosion and wear resistance


  • Controlled depth and automatic tab plating
  • Suited for all reel-to-reel applications–spot, stripe, jet, or brush plating
  • AUTRONEX Ni BARRIER CONTROL offered as an additional performance enhancing additive to further minimize gold bleeding

Ease of Control

  • Single replenishment system for ease of operation
  • Same chemicals for all applications, giving optimum flexibility at use
  • Stable process reduces replenishment costs