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Global OEM automotive electronics demands are rising and the worldwide automotive electronics industry is approaching $13.0 billion. These gains will be driven by demand for automotive safety, engine and powertrain, reduced emissions, and automotive electronics including communication and navigation electronics as well as active safety features. There continues to be extensive growth and demand in Greater China, Eastern Europe and India increasing the sheer volume of needed automobiles.

Automotive consumers will expect electronics that will bring ease of use, safety and sophistication. We'll be ready to meet these stringent needs through innovative approaches towards product development.

MacDermid Alpha’s Marketing and OEM teams work very closely with the worldwide leaders in Automotive Electronics and Instrumentation to provide consistent and reliably effective solutions for product development. This market segment is ever changing and demanding and MacDermid Alpha is well prepared to meet the ever increasing demands with new product and process technologies. As a global leader with global presence, MacDermid Alpha will be your worldwide supplier.

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